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Why choose Vivoka Hospitality?

Whatever your activity, Luxury Hotels, B&B, Cruises... Our objectives are the same: to get the best possible experience for our customers, and to ensure the best profitability for our company.

Here are 7 reasons why you won't be able to do without our voice assistant:

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Increase of the average basket

By highlighting the hotel's services, the assistant understands when the client has certain requests and can easily redirect the client to the restaurant, bar, spa, etc. This has a direct impact on the amount paid by each customer.

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Improves occupancy rate

Guests are looking for hotels that stand out. You therefore automatically redirect more flows than your competitors in the same sector.

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Improves margin level

An emphasis on the wizard increases the lead conversion rate. You increase your ``Best Rate`` (excluding OTA) with a direct impact on your margin rate. You fight more on the service level than on the price.

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Improving E-reputation

A voice assistant makes the difference in your customer base, who will give you positive feedback online. On the other hand, these customers not only become prescribers, but are also loyal.

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An optimal level of service

Do you have a high turnover of staff? The night staff doesn't speak German and hardly any English? Our assistant ensures an optimal level of performance day and night to answer all their most common questions.

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Fluid communication

A defective light bulb, a coffee maker to be replaced... Voka will let you know before a customer does. You won't necessarily increase satisfaction, but you will avoid notorious dissatisfied customers who don't hesitate to communicate their dissatisfaction online...

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Improves decision making

Our smart assistant not only responds to all customer requests, but also records them to determine when and in what context requests are made. The interest is to really know your customers in order to obtain a crucial source of information to gain commercial efficiency.

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