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The Smart Voice Assistant

- 10-inch touch screen: display everything your customers need to know

- High-precision loudspeakers and microphones: to make your voice heard

- Artificial Intelligence Vivoka Intelligence: our engineers, linguists and developers at your service

- Customizable Hardware and Software: shell, avatar, voice, wake-up word ... Everything to match your brand image

An experience never before seen

Customer Experience

360° Experiential Content

Room Service


FAQ processing

Best in Town

Service Integration

PMS Integration

Intégration POS

HOS integration

IPTV integration

Animated Avatar Voka
Management Tool

Highlighting the hotel's offers

Follow-up of customer requests

Analysis of customer preferences and habits

Satisfaction Survey


Voices and ``Wake-up Word``

Avatar on screen

Aluminium hull

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Marketing materials

Step 1
Following your contact with Vivoka Hospitality, we will study your needs and the feasibility of implementing Voka in your rooms. It is during this contact that we will define the use cases that could be useful to you.

• Contact

• Study of needs

Step 2
You can try the trial offer at a special rate for a limited time of 3 to 6 months. Then you can choose the package that best suits your needs and goals.

• Trial offer

• Choice of package

Step 3
Our professional installer takes care of everything. We study the configuration of your rooms in advance in order to anticipate your constraints and be ready on the D-day. For home automation management, simple modules of about ten euros are necessary to make your rooms fully connected!

• Installation by a professional of the voice assistant and connected objects (light bulbs, TV, thermostat, perfume diffuser...)

Step 4
Our engineers and developers ensure a test phase to guarantee an optimal experience and integrate your customizations according to the location of the hotel and your type of clientele. At the same time, we train your teams on the tool to ensure a rapid ROI.

• Test phase

• Staff training

Step 5
Your customers test the experience and give you their first feedback. Now that you are familiar with the technology and its range of possibilities, we support you to maximize its impact in terms of customer experience, but also as a versatile tool for day-to-day management.

• First customer trials

• Accompanying Vivoka Hospitality to take advantage of the assistant

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