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Specialised Voice Assistant for Smart Room.

Retain and engage your hotel guests through a voice assistant that offers a new experience of stay.

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The Smart Voice Assistant

Vivoka Hospitality was designed for hoteliers who want to develop a new experience based on vocal interactions and artificial intelligence.

Ces Innovation Award 2019
Ces Innovation Award 2020
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Connected Objects (IoT)

Our voice assistant is able to control a multitude of connected objects by voice, both in the smart room and in the hotel. Whether lights, curtains or shutters, sound systems or even televisions, everything is interoperable, regardless of the protocol involved.

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Room Service

Do your guests need clean towels? Soap? An iron? All they have to do is tell the hotel's voice assistant. Much easier and faster, he will even be able to give them advice on the services offered in the hotel. The assistant allows them to send any message to the reception desk: ordering food, drinks, supplies. The hotel takes care of the rest.

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External services

The boundary that limits the voice assistant is not the one that physically surrounds him. Indeed, through simple voice commands, many external services are accessible from the smart room itself. It has never been easier to book a taxi or a restaurant for your guests, just as it has never been easier to search for information on nearby activities.

What to expect from our solution ?

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Gain in competitiveness

Average NPS (Net Promoter Score) increase of 20%.

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Reduce your costs

Reduction in hotel operating and staff costs from 7 to 22%.

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Expand your income

Increase in turnover of +12% per smart room with the voice assistant.

Smart Room with Voice Assistant : a few case studies.

What could be better than a practical case to demonstrate the extent of the functionnalities of our voice assistant? Discover through these case studies how we have implemented the solution in the different hotels concerned, bringing its share of benefits, while respecting the values of the establishment.

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